This site was set up as I am a massive fan of the Sansui WS-X1 tape machine and found very little information about it on the net.

The WS-X1 is a 6 track cassette recorder with a separate mixdown deck included. It has an 8 channel mixer and built in reverb to boot. This design is unique and the only 6 track cassette recorder invented. This fact I think is special.


6 Responses to About

  1. I need a new capstan motor for the 6 track multi track deck

    • Neko Neko says:

      As do I! Mine gets jammed a lot but it’s on the 2 track deck which I don’t use that often.

      You can replace the motors easily but I forget the motor part number. I will be back with an answer.

      • Neko Neko says:

        EG530YD-2B is a good replacement motor. Easy to do but if your not comfortable dissembling the WS-X1 (you have to go quite deep to get to the tape decks) then take it to a tech & have him do it.

  2. Paride says:

    I have a similar model the MR 6 rack-mount 6 tracks cassette recorder and has a great quality on recordings, and I’m searching the sync box sansui SY-1 to connect 2 units in salve-master and extend the recordable tracks to 10, but it’s really rare and I cannot find one, do you have some information to help me where I can find one of these sync boxes ?


    • Peebles says:

      I have an SY-1 in good condition – still boxed with extended cables and manual. I only used it for a year or so after I bought it new (to provide MIDI sync between MR-6 and Atari ST/Cubase 2.0) and it’s been stored ever since. I’d much prefer to sell the unit alongside the single MR-6/MX-12 units that I have (these saw more use but are still in good nick with boxes and manuals, been stored since 1997) but I was also looking for a second MR-6 to make the whole setup more attractive for sale.

      I reckon it would make more sense to sell as-is instead?

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