Price of a WS-X1

Recently I have been seeing the price of WS-X1’s rising especially on Ebay. For some reason people have started pricing them at £200 ($320) & higher.

As much as I love my WS-X1 they are not worth that much!!!!!

So this is an open letter for people trying to sell their WS-X1’s stop trying to get huge amounts of money for something that is not worth it.

Personally I think a WS-X1 in mint condition with box & manual is work somewhere around £80 ($100) but that is an absolute maximum.

I paid £40 for my WS-X1 in it’s original box & fully working.

Let me know how much your’s cost in the comments section.

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Hello ws-x1 nuts!

Sorry for the lack of updates here I have just been very busy with things. At the moment my WS-X1 is a bit worse for wear. The reverb stopped working (gutted) & also I cannot get the direct out mods to work at all.

The good news is I have schematics for the reverb unit & most of the mixer section.



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